Thursday, December 8, 2011

extraction day.

Dear diary,

     Today is an exciting day for me as for the first time i get to extract patient's tooth. a.k.a this is my fisrt extraction! I get a FIRM and badly broken down (carious) of  lower left first premolar.only the mesiobuccal wall left. can u imagine?(T_T) . But the exciting part is my Inferior Dental Nerve Block  works in one shot. and when the time i move the tooth till it come out from the socket. But i still think that i'm not competent enough because my friends still giving me the instructions on how to luxate and move the tooth during the extraction. I need to extract more teeth!


     I had my wisdom tooth extracted under minor oral surgery. 'What you give , u get back'.. Hahaha.. I took out someone's tooth that morning and just now Dr Ajeet took out mine! I've been given 3 cartridge of Local Anaesthesia! I had everything on video but unfortunately i cant publish it. I only can show the picture.

say hi to my wisdom tooth! 

*there!my first entry in english with a lot of grammatical error*

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