Wednesday, September 7, 2011

slamat datang 4th year

aku copy nie dr status kwn aku.
moge2 sem br nie seiringan dgn semangat baru.
thn lpas mmg aku jadi mayat idup
dh tiba masenyer live life to the fullest.
poyo je ayat kan?

semangat la sgt... 
kepale otak kosong sbb cuti lame sgt..
then nk treat patient... mmg suicide la kan!

thogh i'm not yet  a dentist..but.....

Being a Dentist is awesome:
we decide who should wear a crown,
we plan bridges like engineers ,
we extract roots like mathematicians,
we make people suffer like bankers,
... ... we are always late like brides ..
but the most fantastic of all is that we make people smile more like clowns, Laugh to show those beautiful teeth that we’ve made!
We don’t make the world turn round but we MAKE THE WORLD SMILE ^_^